The Level Life Phycology Book (NEW)
October 7, 2022

The Level Life Phycology Book (NEW)


Level Life Phycology Book: The level part-1 was write by Muhammad Abid in this book writer express his feeling about the people can’t take care of their health this book was launch on 2022

Your mind has a life of its own. 

Do your thoughts keep you awake for hours? This has happened to me time and time again, and I bet those pesky little thoughts can bombard our minds with busy thoughts and innovations, even when you’re falling asleep. As a result, you wake up feeling more tired than when you tried to go to sleep. You may not know that our brains seem to have a mind of their own.

But on average we have up to 80,000 thoughts per day. 95% of these thoughts are repetitive give that your thoughts are negative or questionable. Is this thought weighing heavily on your mind? At 66, the worst and most harmful thoughts occur more often. Times when you feel stressed or tired. When things go wrong in your life, it’s up to you to change your life as there is no built-in reset button. Occur? And I agree! Retraining your brain to control your thoughts may seem impossible. Do you think it’s real? Is this the truth of your life? Does this happen to you every day and do you receive what is offered? This is the natural answer to my question.

Most of us have been taught it by society in our lives, so it feels natural. Family, Friends, teachers, advertisements, movies, observing what others do We learned how to act and react. From birth we are taught, consciously or subconsciously, how we should think and act. Why do you think “reality” television is valuable in explaining what life is? Because people like to see how other people look naturally, and when we see them, we absorb and internalize that information. We are social is taught how to react in every situation. How we act, how we feel, how we need to “be” to belong. We will learn what the appropriate actions are to gain someone else’s approval without considering whether you agree with that action or not. They have different faces and play 1100.

Different people and different ways.

What is life

The meaning of your life, your purpose, the reason you are here is to experience life every day, every moment, every second, depending on how you live it. Your life is your experience, how you live it and what you have as a person is all yours. You pave the way to your experiences, and through the responses you choose to your experiences, the ability to change you and what you’ve been doing becomes possible. Nothing in particular? 1122.

There is no particular moment, event, or single reason why you are really here. Think about your daily experiences and what has happened to your life over the past year. When you can easily recall hundreds of meaningful moments, does it make sense to say that you have moments as a purpose in life? It’s not a one-time event. it’s totally your life Alternatively, a life can be define as one cycle after another when a child latches on to start the cycle. Or we can say that it is a parameter by which we act. There are no fixed categories.

All living things begin with this cycle. It cannot be said that non-living things have the same parameters as living things. Life is growing day by day. Sometimes motivation and dedication make us stronger or grow faster than the day before. Truth is reality. Falsehood is unreal. The more clearly, we see the reality of the world, the better prepared we are to deal with it. So much so that the reality of the world is no longer visible. Our view of reality is like a map on which life can be negotiate. In general, if the map is accurate and accurate, you will know where you are. Also, once you decide where you want to go, you generally know how to get there. In general, a wrong or inaccurate map will get you lost.

This is obvious, but most people more or less ignore it. you 1166 Ignore the road to reality as it will not be easy. First of all, we are not born with maps, we have to make them, and making them takes work. The more you try to assess reality, the bigger and more accurate your map will be. However, many cannot afford this effort. By middle age, most people stop trying. They are confident that their map is complete or their assumptions are correct, and are no longer interest in new information. They look tired. Only a few relatives and a lucky few will die to explore the mysteries of reality and gain a better understanding of the world and what is true!
How Virus Affect Your Body and How to Protect from It?

• Clarification

The biggest problem with map creation, however, is not that you have to start from scratch, but that you have to constantly revise your maps in order to create an accurate map. The world itself is constantly changing. A glacier is coming. Glacier Go Culture comes. Some say the 20th century has progressed, but how can we be smart? Can you say that? Technology is also situational. Every time situation arises, technology responds and offers even more dramatic solutions. As children, we are dependent and helpless. As adults, we can exercise our power.

But in sickness and old age, we become helpless and dependent again. If we had to care for children in 2020, the world would look different than it would if we had no children. The world looks different when we are poor than when we are rich. Every day we are expose to new information about the nature of reality. The process of doing revisions, especially large revisions, is painful and sometimes painful. And there is the chief cause of many evils of mankind. What happens when you struggle to develop a worldview that works? What we do almost unconsciously is ignoring new information. 

We can actually oppose it, or even try to manipulate the world to fit our view of reality. Instead of trying to change the map, individuals destroy the new reality. can try. Unfortunately, such a person may end up spending far more energy defending an outdated worldview than trying to fix it in the first place. This process of actively clinging to outdated views of reality is the basis of many mental illnesses. 

There are probably as many variations to the definition as by my own definition, transference is a series of reactions to the world that unfolded in childhood, usually perfectly suited to the child’s environment, but inappropriately transferred to the adult’s environment. The human situation is as follows. each of us dies. He stops pulsating, breathing, moving, thinking. It collapses and loses its identity. His mind, soul, or spirit ends at the end of his body because it is wholly dependent on his body.

The human species, like all life forms, will eventually die. One day he will be gone with  men. Not all humans are likely to die. But it’s still highly probable. Moving from planet to planet, each cooling off in turn, it seems highly unlikely that this race will continue forever. Only in times of extraordinary prosperity, such as the present, will we be able to travel to another planet. we are always anxious. We He is always in danger of loss, damage, misery and death.
These are all about changing your daily choices to help you feel better and live a better life.

• Addiction

We believe that everyone is responsible for disrupting our lives. We believe that success depends on everyone. It hope people change and things get better. And your professional life is almost over. They are easily upset by people and situations because they have not strengthen their leadership. We live a life of addiction.
Getting along with people at work, being successful in business and careers, and being a great leader is not rocket science
All you need is the technique to get there.


This topic is considere powerful in understanding and perfecting your vision.
Every life has some parameters, but given the signal example, he has two parameters, trough and peak, because the actual life depends on two parameters. Although. think of the apex as the highest point and the valley as the lowest point. This means high and low parameters. 3030..
Compare this example with everyday life. There are ups and downs in any life.

Example parameters: –

1. yes and no means each situation has two options yes or no
2. life or death means you live or die

There may be other parameters, but these two parameters are happy and sad. It are some things and parameters in which life unfolds, unexpect and expected parameters, defined There are some parameters that are defined and some that are not defined. They are exemplified by the nature of Almighty Allah when man said that the existence of the sun and moon does not exist.

There is a second category known as undefine. However, what man must mean by definition or description of means of study is when we say that in ancient times there were no such things as robots to help others or concepts of arithmetic. Something that we can be intereste in, move on and try to achieve what we want to do. Learning how to make decisions will ultimately change your experiences and how you feel about those experiences. Make your choice, live your experience and enjoy your life!

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