Rana Naidu By Netflix (OTT Platform) NEW
May 12, 2023

Rana Naidu By Netflix (OTT Platform) NEW

Rana Naidu is an Indian drama series produced by Netflix. It is managed by Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma and is owned by Locomotive Global Inc. Produced by Sunder Aaron under. 2913 is an adaptation of the crime drama Ray Donovan. Rana Naidu TV series starring Rana Daggubati, Venkatesh Daggubati, Suchitra Pillai, Gaurav Chopra and Surveen Chawla.

Ray Donovan’s Indian adaptation of Rana Naidu may be a detective film, but at its core it is a family drama.
This is definitely not your typical family drama, but each member battles their own demons as they deal with years of lies and depression. A mix of crime, celebrity advertising, and politics, this drama about a dysfunctional family keeps the show interesting. This also makes it work on its own without comparing with the original version


Country India
Hindi, Telugu
Director Superb Verma, Karan Anshumanring
Daati Venkatesh Daggubati, Suchitra Pillai , Gaurav Chopra, Surveen Chawla
Photography Jaya Krishna Gummadi
Editor Ninad Khanolkar, Manan Ashwin Mehta
Music Sangeet-Siddharth
Visual Effects Jishon . N. Shoby
series producer Sunder Aaron, Vishakh Joshi, Laura Mishra, Sumit Shukla, Karan Anshuman
production company Locomotive Global Inc
publisher Netflix, Viacomcbs Glo Bal, publisher

Rana Naidu Story

The story of a father and his son who became police because there were no police. List of movie industry scandals.
This is what creates a rivalry between father and son. Most Life Rana Naidu

Rana Naidu Trailer

The producers released the trailer for Rana Naidu starring Venkatesh and Rana as father and son. The series is an adaptation of the 2013 crime drama Ray Donovan set in Mumbai. In the trailer, Rana Naidu is featured as a problem solver for all Bollywood actors. In the next scene, he can be seen attacking someone who seems stupid when his colleagues try to stop him.
The trailer also includes romantic scenes with Surveen Chawla. Everything was in her favor until her father showed up. His life change when his father, Naga Naidu, was release from prison.
In the next frame, a ragged, bearded man emerged from the prison door – Rana’s distant husband. They both have a great hatred for each other.
At the end of the trailer, Rana and Venkatesh can be seen in a war of words when Rana (apparently) kills her father. What will happen next, will they race or fight, what is it? In addition to fighting and violence, there are some strong dialogues in the trailer.

Rana Naidu release date

Rana Naidu is schedule to air on Netflix in Hindi and Telugu. The official trailer for the series was release on February 15, 2023.
Rana Naidu OTT release date
Digital streaming rights acquired by Netflix.

Rana Naidu Budget

According to the leaked information, we learned that the budget of the Rana Naidu series is 1000 TL. 700 million including Rs. 100 crore printing and advertising budget and the rest of Rs. 6 lakh Production Income
• Production Income: Rs.
60 crore
• Fundraising and Publishing: Rs. We don’t have any official information about the budget of 10 crore
Rana Naidu drama. But we will update the official information here as soon as possible.

Rana Naidu Player Salary

Rana Daggubati Rs. 10 crore
Venkatesh Daggubati Rs.
7 crore
Suchitra Pillai Rs. 1 crore
Gaurav Chopra Rs. 5,5 lakh
Surveen Chawla Rs. 4 Laboratory
Sushant Singh Rs. 3 Laboratory
Abhishek Banerjee Rs.

According to media reports, the film will be successful and will receive better reviews from critics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the director of Ranan Naidu?
Rana Naidu TV series directed by Suparn Verma and Karan Anshuman. Episode

How do you watch Lana Naidu TV series?
The movie will stream on the online streaming platform Netflix.
So you can only watch Rana Naidu on the Netflix OTT platform. What is the budget of

Rana Naidu drama?
According to leaked information, the budget of Rana Naidu drama is Rs. 700 million.

Rana Naidu be broadcast?
Rana Naidu TV drama will air in Telugu and Hindi.

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