Shaheed Arshad Sharif’s “Behind Closed Doors”  NEW
May 23, 2023

Shaheed Arshad Sharif’s “Behind Closed Doors” NEW

Shaheed Arshad Sharif’s “Behind Closed Doors” Documentary Streams on Apple TV

The late and famous journalist Arshad Sharif’s documentary “Behind Closed Doors” is on Apple TV. Document “Behind Closed Doors” describes how politicians use international money and foreign courts to clean up their ill-gotten gains. The documentary aired on Apple TV and will soon be available to watch worldwide on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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According to senior journalist Irrfan Hashmi, the publication of the document is a response to anyone who criticizes it and calls it a publicity stunt. The documentary is direct by Michael Oswald and produce and written by Murtaza Mehdi.
PTI President Imran Khan, Journalists Arshad Sharif, John-Allan Namu, Tom Stocks, Rachel Davies Teka, Fawad Chaudry, Emin Huseynov, Shahzad Akbar, Irfan Hashmi contributed to this film.

Irrfan Hashmi also said that the release of this movie is a response to everyone who criticizes him, calling it a promotional show. “Good to see you on the big screen,” Arshad added. Irfan Hashmi also addressed Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan in his tweet.

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