TikTok will become bigger in 2023? (NEW)
May 15, 2023

TikTok will become bigger in 2023? (NEW)

According to many involve with TikTok, the short-form video app is expect to overtake YouTube for the first time by the end of the year, according to a report on eMarketer last week. The report shows that TikTok users spend an average of 45.8 minutes. per day compared to 45 minutes in the past on the video sharing platform.
They will open on YouTube in 6 minutes. Even compared to TikTok, which features short videos like Instagram Reels, Instagram uses an average of 30.1 minutes per day.
may not need the difference between YouTube and TikTok statistics, but it talks about change. For business owners, ByteDance-owned apps have the potential to attract new customers.

Here are three ways to leverage new app build engagement statistics:

Keep it real. You’ll hear a lot about

TikTok: In many ways, TikTok and Instagram are very different. While the picture perfect tends to dominate Instagram, TikTok users want the real thing. So don’t wear sweet clothes on TikTok and don’t get attach to videos that make your audience feel emotional.
“That’s what’s going on around them,” said Lyle Underkoffler, marketing manager for Smartly, a New York City-based social ad automation platform. The Shakers agree with this idea. He says TikTok users prefer content that “feels low risk.” Horowitz explains that videos with high advertising value often don’t perform well on the platform.

Do not follow the herd.

When you have to try to advertise your product regularly and be consistent, don’t jump to every trending topic that can range from a one-minute cute dog video to “I’m not fit for the job. Copy”.
Additionally, Jason Galloway, director of business consulting at multinational accounting and consulting firm KPMG, told Inc., “Business owners and small business owners should find hashtags relevant to their brand, which may not necessarily be the most popular. Small for coordination and placement. Consider working with strength too. “Speed ​​and organic harmony are much more than polishing, so focusing on different ingredients that fit your brand is an important strategy,” Galloway advises. (TicTok)

Embrace “live” intersections.

TikTok has announced that it will be testing a new feature called TikTok Live to allow creators to generate revenue through paid advertising. TikTok said in a statement that the feature was created to bring brands and audiences closer.
You can now invite your best customers to the “VIP Room” of live recording. TikTok’s monthly subscription allows people to take an interest in their favorite people, which gives businesses the opportunity to grow their communities and get exclusive benefits from VIP users. With the chat room open, advertisers and their customers can access each other.
Brands can build personal networks around the world via live streaming. “It has become important for brands to reconnect with new and existing customers,” said
Underkoffler. No matter how you get involved, the key is to start and be serious. “It’s important to connect and engage with your audience when posting on TikTok,” he added.

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